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We’re Registered!

4 Feb , 2015  

We are good to go (

We’re Registered!

On December 2014, we registered on Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia. So we can take legal action if there any copyright problem. But I hope I there won’t be such a problem in the future. Have a nice day ^^

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Korean Verb Conjugation

3 Feb , 2015   Video

Today we’re going to learn Korean grammar, and it’s about verb conjugation.

So we will learn about transforming Korean verb into other form.


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K-Fan Phrase : Oppa You’re So Cool!

2 Feb , 2015   Video

민호오빠 정말 멋있어요! (Minho oppa jeongmal meosisseoyo) Isn’t it? Whether he’s Lee min-ho or Shinee’s Choi min-ho, or Minho character on Maze Runner, they’re all cool! More…

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Fun Corner

Watching K-Drama = Learning K-Culture?

1 Feb , 2015  

korean meme (


“I’m studying, mom”. Really? lol. I think K-drama fan can TOTALLY relate to this picture. What do you think? Are you ‘studying’ recently?

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