Korean Travel Phrase : “Do you have a cheaper room?”

10 Dec , 2014   Video

We tend to search for the best deal. And this phrase might to help you to find a good deal in Korea.

Phrase on the video is pretty much self-explanatory, I think 😀

What about a bigger room? I want to ask if they have a bigger room. That’s what we’re going to talk about.

You can just replace the ‘cheap’ part, or ‘싼’ with other objective. For example ‘big’. ‘Big’ is ‘크다’ (keuda), in Korean. But this is the verb form. So we have to transform it into adjective form. Cut the ‘다’ part and add final consonan ㄴ. And you’ll have  큰 (keun).

So here some varieties to the phrase :

Do you have a bigger room? 더 큰 방 있습니까?
deo keun bang isseumnikka?

Do you have a smaller room?

더 작은 방 있습니까?
deo jakeun bang isseumnikka?

Do you have a quieter room?

더 조용한 방 있습니까?
deo joyonghan bang isseumnikka?

Do you have a warmer room?

더 따뜻한 방 있습니까?
deo joyonghan bang isseumnikka?

Hope this could help you ^^
Peace out!



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