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EXO Nature Republic Snail Solution Review

28 Dec , 2014  

EXO Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Sheet Review (

EXO Nature Republic

Another beauty review is hereee! Are you excited?

Today we gonna be reviewing Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Sheet EXO Series ^^

We all knew EXO. And I know many of you knew about Nature Republic. But what about these two combined together? EXO is one of the spokesperson that used to promote Nature Republic’s products. They promote lip balm, hand cream, soothing gel, and others. The one that I tried is this snail solution mask sheet.

exo nature republic review

EXO Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Sheet Review

Probably the most noticeable thing for EXO-L is the faces of twelve boys on the packaging. When EXO-K and EXO-M had 12 members. I know, I know that feel bro..#pat

EXO Nature Republic snail solution mask sheet review (

Tampak Belakang

And when you open the packaging, this what you will get. There are two parts of the mask. The first will go from your forehead to your nose. The other one will go from the upper lip to your chin.

EXO Snail Solution Review (

Mask Sheet

I don’t know about you guys but this is the first time I tried hydrogel mask. And it’s different from usual mask sheet in the market. In case you don’t know about hydrogel, it’s a polymer which can absorb a lot of water. Usually it’s used on contact lenses. Anyway, you can check more about hydrogel here if you’re really curious about it (because science cool 😀). This mask make my skin hydrated

EXO Nature Republic Snail Solution Review (

Transparant Hydrogel

The scent is good and smooth. At the end, I really like this mask sheet. You might need more time to adjust this mask on your face, but that’s worth it! Make your face fresh, moisturize your skin. So if you want to do some skin care but you don’t feel like going to the beauty salon or beauty shop, just put on face mask. You even might like it even more seeing your idol on the packaging 😀

Thanks for @fgneeds that makes this review happen.Don’t forget to check them out on Instagram. There are many Korean skin care products. They make me want to try all of it  >_<

Peace out!



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