Learn Hangeul Part 3 : Let’s Read!

7 Dec , 2014  

how to write Hangeul

Learning Hangeul

Everyone’s good?

In the last Hangeul lesson we’ve revealed Hangeul Rule #2 : Hangeul use syllable system. There’s a time that consists of vowel and consonant. We also learned how to ‘arrange’ them.  And in this lesson, we’ll trying to read them.

So this is each of the consonant if we write them in alphabet :

Belajar Konsonan Hangeul Saung Korea

Konsonan dalam Hangeul

And the vowels :

Belajar Hangeul Vokal

Vokal dalam Hangeul

“Wait, you said in the earlier lesson that vowel by itself couldn’t be read. Why do you write them as ‘a’, ‘i’, ‘u’, like that?”

Yes, Hangeul’s vowel couldn’t be read if they’re by themselves. But we wrote them as ‘a’, ‘i’, ‘u’,  so that would be easier to master the concept. Let’s pretend that all the vowels are accompanied with consonant ㅇ. So  let’s pretend that ㅏ is 아, ㅐ is 애, and so on.
Now, let’s try to write combinations of Hangeul  vowel and consonant through this worksheet :
Hangeul Table

Worksheet Hangeul

You can print this worksheet and write the combinations. (Psst. But you can check the answer here)

“I want to ask you one thing. On the table ㄱ could be read g or k. What does that mean?

We’ll learn about that in upcoming lessons ^^

So now you know some about Hangeul. Don’t give up! You’ll get better!

Now think about this for a second : In order to be read and written, Hangeul vowel and consonant have to team up. Then.. does it mean the team could only consist of two? No. Another component that could join the team is..final consonant.

If you ever see a shape on the lower part of the Hangeul (the upper part are vowel + consonant, btw) that is the final consonan t. There are types of them. They’re basic final consonant, double final consonant, and complex final consonant. And we’ll get to know them in the next lesson. It’s not good if you’re talking too much at the same time, right? 😀

And we will end this lesson with Hangeul Rule #3. Don’t forget it! ^^

how to read hangul

Hangeul Rule #3

Class dismissed 🙂



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