Learn Hangeul Part 5 : Hangeul Components Hangout

19 Feb , 2015  

How to read Hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Learn Hangeul

So we talked about Hangeul in general, we learned about Hangeul vowels, consonants, and final consonants. Today we will hone your knowledge and skill about Hangeul. So this lesson is important. Let’s go!

First, we already knew that a syllable written in Hangeul composed by vowel and consonant. Let me flash a picture to remind you a little bit about that. It’s adalah tabel penyusunan Hangeul.

how to read hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Hangeul Combination

On the previous lesson I mentioned about final consonant. Final consonant is placed on the bottom of the combination (which we already learned before).

Let’s say you want to write ‘Gangnam’ in Hangeul. We’ve learned how to write ‘ga’ and ‘na’. How do you add the ‘ng’ and ‘m’ sounds. You can check how to final consonants read and written on this post 🙂 This how you write ‘gangnam’ :

how to read hangeul (saungkorea.com)


The purple block is consonant and orange block (on the picture above) and pink block (on the picture below) is vowel. And the white block is final consonant ^^ If you want to read Hangeul, you can breakdown it too. For example there’s this word : 광화문. You can separate and analyze the components :

belajar hangeul (saungkorea.com)


Got it? You can take a look at other examples here :

how to read hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Contoh membaca Hangeul

How was it? Good? The key are.. understand each of the Hangeul components and keep exercising. Now I’ll give you two kind of exercises.  Try it!

belajar Hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Exercise 1

belajar hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Exercise 2

Psst. You can see the answers here.

Fighting! Peace out ^^


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