Learn Hangeul Part 6 : You’re so Special (Pt.I)

18 Mar , 2015  

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Learn Hangeul

Judging from the title, this lesson will be special. Because we are going to learn ‘special’ rules in Hangeul system. So what is ‘special rule’, actually? Well, we’ve learned to read and write Hangeul. But there is some moments in Hangeul when syllables aren’t read like what it’s written. 합 isn’t always read ‘hap’. What are those moments? Let’s get started!

Just for in case you need a cheat sheet about final consonant, you can open this lesson.

1.) Final consonantㅂ + ㄴ

belajar hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Final consonant p + n

When final consonan ㅂ meets ㄴ, it’ll be pronounced ‘m’

More examples?

감사합니다 gamsahamnida
기억합니다 gieokhamnida
사랑합니다 saranghamnida


2. ) Final consonantㅌ

belajar hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Konsonan final ㅌ

Final consonant ㅌ meets 이, it’ll be pronounced ‘chi’. And it’ll be pronounced ‘n’ when final consonant ㅌ meets ㄴ. But if it meets other consonants, it’ll still be pronounced as ‘t’).

밑이 michi
곁이 gyeochi
같니 ganni
같다 gatda


3. ) Final consonant ㅅ and ㅆ

belajar hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Konsonan final ㅅ dan ㅆ

When final consonant ㅅ and ㅆ  meets vowel, it’ll be pronounced as ‘s’. When it meets consonant (other than ㄴ) , it’ll be pronounced ‘t’.

belajar hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Konsonan final ㅅ dan ㅆ

And when it meet ㄴ, it’ll be pronounced ‘n’.

있다 itda
있어 isseo
있나 inna

Phew. How was it?

For the meantime, you can explore more by look for more examples of these special rules. See you in the next lesson!

Peace out! ^^.



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