Learn Hangeul Part 8 : You’re so Special (Pt.III)

20 Apr , 2015  

learn hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Learn Hangeul

Ready to meet something special? For you who just join us in this particular part, we’re going to talk aboutrules in Hangul Hangeul. You know.. when you read certain words in Hangeul, you wonder ‘why is this word sounds like it doesn’t supposed to be?’ You might clear about those (well, some if them) after read these rules. Let’s get this started ^^


7.) Final consonant ㄱ + ㅁ

learn hangul (saungkorea.com)

Final consonant ㄱ

Final consonant ㄱ plus consonant ㅁ equals ‘ng’ sound. Not ‘k’ anymore. Also remember this. This rule also applies to final consonant ㄲ sama ㅋ. They’ll also pronounced as ‘ng’.


8.) Final consonant ㄱ + ㄴ

learn hangul

Final consonant ㄱ

There is another situation where ‘k’ will be pronounced  ‘ng’. When final consonant ㄱ meets consonant ㄴ . Again, it also applies to final consonant ㄲ and ㅋ when they meets  ㄴ.


8.) Final consonant ㄹ

learn hangul (saungkorea.com)

Final consonant ㄹ

Have you ever heard 2NE1’s song ‘I Am The Best’? You’ll hear ‘내가 제일 잘나가’. It’s pronounced ‘naega jeil jallaga’, not ‘naega jeil jalnaga’. Why? you can see the rule above 😀

Now this one maybe doesn’t ‘special enough’. We just want to remind you about how we read final consonant ㄹ.

learn hangul (saungkorea.com)

Final consonant ㄹ

If final consonant ㄹ, meets consonant afterward, it’ll be pronounced as ‘L’. When it meet vowel, or component that has vowel sound (in other word, ㅎ), it’ll be pronounced ‘R’. Remember? That’s why 잘해요, most of the time pronounced ‘jarhaeyo’.

랄라 ralla
올해 orhae
물을 mureul


9.) ‘t’ sound

learn hangul (saungkorea.com)

Bunyi ‘t’

If you don’t know this rule, sometimes you might be confused reading and writing Hangeul. “Why it’s pronounced ‘mat’? It should be ‘mas’,”. Or “Why ‘kkot’ but not ‘kkoch’?”.

Take a look at the picture above. There are list of final consonants that will be pronounced as ‘t’ when they stand alone. No more syllable after them. Not part of any grammar pattern.

Then why I wrote 있다? 맞다? We just want the words that we wrote have meaning. So you can learn morea. What are the meaning? Just open your dictionary.

See? you’re now interested to know the meaning 😛

Phew.. In the end, I just can say.. Good luck, and have a good time learning ^^


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