Learn Hangeul Part 9 : You’re so Special (Pt.IV)

24 Sep , 2015  

how to read hangul (saungkorea.com)

Learn Hangeul

So you might think why there are so many Hangeul rules that I have to remember? Because there are set of rules that you have to keep in mind in order to speak and write like a native Korean ^^ 파이팅!!When you read certain words in Hangeul, you wonder ‘why is this word sounds like it doesn’t supposed to be?’ You might clear about those (well, some if them) after read these rules. Let’s get this started ^^


10.) Final consonant ㅂ + ㄹ

how to read hangul (saungkorea.com)

Learn hangeul : ㅂ+ㄹ

When final consonant ㅂ meets ㄹ right after it, there will be vague ‘mn’ sound. By the way, what is 힙라인? 힙라인 is a word taken from English. 힙 or ‘hip’ literally means hip (the body part). And 라인 or ‘rain’ is from the word ‘line‘ that written in Hangeul. So 힙라인 is hip line. Like the term V-라인 😀

11.) Final consonant ㅍ + ㄴ

how to read hangul (saungkorea.com)

Learn hangeul : ㅍ+ㄴ

If you have read this lesson, you already knew how to pronounce ‘감사합니다’. Similar to final consonantㅂ + consonant ㄴ, combination of final consonant ㅍ + consonant ㄴ will  produce ‘m’ sound.

12.) Final consonant ㅁ + ㄹ

how to read hangul (saungkorea.com)

learn hangeul : ㅁ + ㄹ

You might be surprised if you don’t know about this rule before. Because the way a word pronounced is so different from how it’s written. When final consonant ㅁ meets ㄹ after, the ‘r’ sound will be replaced by ‘n’ sound. For example, the word above pronunced ‘eumnyo’ , not ‘eumryo’.

13.) Final consonant ㄴ + ㄹ

how to read hangul (saungkorea.com)

learn hangeul : ㄴ+ㄹ

When final consonant ㄴ meets ㄹ, the ‘n’ sound in ㄴ will be replaced by ‘L’ sound. 원래 pronounced ‘wollae’. Which means ‘originally’ or ‘by nature’. ‘곤란’ pronounced ‘gollan’, and it means ‘difficulty’.


12.) Final consonant ㄷ + 이

how to read hangul (saungkorea.com)

learn hangeul : ㄷ + 이

If you knew that there’s something special about final consonant ㅌ here, maybe you could guess what this rule is about. When final consonant ㄷ meets 이, it’ll be pronounced ‘chi’.

Soo… today we’ve learned five Hangeul rules. Hope these will help you learn Koreanhow to read hangul (saungkorea.com) ^^


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