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14 Nov , 2014   Video

Today the phrase section is back. And today’s phrase is : 그 방에는 화장실이 있습니까? (geu bangeneun hwajangshiri isseumnikka?). This phrase is used when you want to rent a room during your stay in Korea. And through this phrase you can ask whether the room come with a bathroom or not.

What about TV? I want to ask about if they have TV in the room.

You can just replace the ‘bathroom’ part, or 화장실. You might be notice the word is actually 화장실이. The 이 is actually a subject particle. If the word ended with final consonant, you have to add 이 (i). And if the word ended with vowel, you’re gonna add 가 (ga). So here some varieties to the phrase :

Does the room come with a bathroom? 그 방에는 화장실이 있습니까?
geu bangeneun hwajangshiri isseumnikka?
Does the room come with a TV? 그 방에는 TV가 있습니까?
geu bangeneun TVga isseumnikka?
Does the room come with an electric fan? 그 방에는 선풍기가 있습니까?
geu bangeneun seonpunggiga isseumnikka?
Does the room come with a telephone? 그 방에는 전화기가 있습니까?
geu bangeneun jeonhwagiga isseumnikka?
Does the room come with a heater? 그 방에는 히터가 있습니까?
geu bangeneun hiteoga isseumnikka?

Hope this could help you.

Just change the 화장실 part if you want to ask other things. Install Google Translate on your phone 😀



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