Korean Travel Phrase : “May I See the Room First?”

19 Oct , 2014   Video

Today the phrase section is back. And today’s phrase is : 방을 먼저 봐도 되겠습니까? (bang-eul meonjeo bwado doegesseumnikka?) which means ‘May I see the room first?’. This phrase is used when you want to see the room which you want to rent. You might have asked some about the room. You might want to confirm and check the room. So just use this phrase.

Given that there are several levels of politeness in Korean language, we will try to express the same sentence in those levels. Note that the sentences below have the same meaning.

Formal 방 을 먼저 봐도 되겠습니까?

bangeul meonjeo bwado doegeseumnikka?
Informal, honorific form 방 을 먼저 봐도 될까요?
bangeul meonjeo bwado doelkkayo?


방 을 먼저 봐도 될까?
bangeul meonjeo bwado doelkka?

But keep in mind that since you’re not talking to your friends (you’re talking to a landlord or hotel staff  in this case), so do not use the informal form.

And now we will learn the other way to convey this same intent. You can use ‘방 을 먼저 봐도 괜찮 습니까?’ (bangeul meonjeo bwado gwaenchanseumnikka?). And these are the different levels of politeness of the sentence .

Formal 방 을 먼저 봐도 괜찮습니까?
bangeul meonjeo bwado gwaenchanseumnikka?
Informal, honorific form 방 을 먼저 봐도 괜찮아요?
bangeul meonjeo bwado gwaenchanayo?
Informal 방 을 먼저 봐도 괜찮아?
bangeul meonjeo bwado gwaenchana?

Remember, don’t use the informal form unless you’re talking with your friends.
Now you know how to say “May I See the Room First?” in Korean.
We will post other phrases which could help you when you’re traveling in Korea. So please keep rooting for us!  🙂
Peace out!



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