K-Fan Phrase : Safe Shoot

5 Jun , 2015   Video

촬영 조심하세요! Sure you can say this to your idol through SNS or directly (hopefully). Wish them a happy, safe shoot ^^

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K-Fan Phrase : Oppa You’re So Cool!

2 Feb , 2015   Video

민호오빠 정말 멋있어요! (Minho oppa jeongmal meosisseoyo) Isn’t it? Whether he’s Lee min-ho or Shinee’s Choi min-ho, or Minho character on Maze Runner, they’re all cool! More…

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K-Fan Phrase : “I Enjoyed the Drama”

12 Oct , 2014   Video

Now I’m giving you the phrase that you, fans of K-star, express your feelings. And today’s phrase is ‘드라마 잘 봤어요‘ (deurama jal bwasseoyo). This phrase is used when you want to express that you enjoyed certain drama. Remember that the context and the person you talked to  already knew what the drama is ^^

Here one of the situation that you might face :


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