Learn Hangeul Part 2 : Meet Hangeul

18 Oct , 2014  

How to read Hangeul (saungkorea.com)

Learn Hangeul

Hi! Good to see you again ^^

So we learned something about Hangeul on the past lesson. Alphabet and Hangeul writing system are different, so don’t treat them like one another. If you don’t remember what we’ve learned before, check the part 1 of this series here.

Are you ready to learn? Let’s go.

So Hangeul has two major components, vowels and consonants.


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Learn Hangeul Part 1 : What Do I Do?

9 Oct , 2014  

How to read Hangeul, actually?

Ok. Some of you might be wondering whether Hangeul is hard to learn or not. Or you already learn some Hangeul but sometimes you still find it confusing when you realized that ‘it doesn’t pronounced like it should be’. Another condition, some of you might have been questioning “what do I do to make myself be able to read and write Hangeul freely? I’ve been learning for awhile but I can’t remember them all”.

Learn Hangeul Saungkorea.com

Hangeul Is (Not) Confusing

It’s good that you’re here. We try to help you to read Hangeul. Also we’ll share some tips along the Hangeul lesson goes, including on this post. So don’t worry~


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