Korean Travel Phrase : “Does the Room Come With..”

14 Nov , 2014   Video

Today the phrase section is back. And today’s phrase is : 그 방에는 화장실이 있습니까? (geu bangeneun hwajangshiri isseumnikka?). This phrase is used when you want to rent a room during your stay in Korea. And through this phrase you can ask whether the room come with a bathroom or not.

What about TV? I want to ask about if they have TV in the room.


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Korean Quote : Start to be Great

13 Nov , 2014   Video

Start what you want to do today! Crafting, reading, writing, making new friends, trying something new, whatever. Even if

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Product Review

Etude House Moist Full Super Collagen Super Trial Kit Review

13 Nov , 2014  

So I was just chillin’ and browsing, thinking about new ideas for Saung Korea post until @beautytsc sent me an e-mail. And they said they would send me Etude House Moist Full Super Collagen Super Trial Kit. I tried some of Etude House products but never tried the Moist Full Series, so I’m very excited.

Super Collagen Trial Kit Review (

Etude House Moist Full Super Trial Kit

So..there are kinds of ‘Moistfull’ kits released by Etude House. There is a kit consists of Ampoule Essence, Cream, and CC cream, and there are kits have 4 items (which is usually skin care kit, not a trial kit). Well, the kit that I got contain these things:

Moist full Trial Kit Review (

Etude House Moistfull Trial Kit


Ok I’m gonna break it down. The first is 25 ml Super Collagen Ampoule Essence. More…

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Korean Quote : It’ll be Okay

10 Nov , 2014   Video

Did your week went well? If it did, congratulations and be prepared to next week! If it didn’t don’t be so sad. More…

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Fun Corner,Phrase

Korean Tongue Twister Challenge : Doctor of Laws

2 Nov , 2014   Video

We’re back to Korean Tongue Twister section !

For those who already following us on Instagram for a pretty long time, you must be know what it is.

 This is a challenge and you can do it for fun~


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