School Levels in Korean

29 Jan , 2015   Video

Today I’ll give you the vocabs that related to school. We all are already familiar with More…

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Korean Tech Vocab – The Baby Step

28 Jan , 2015   Video

In this information age, many people want to broaden your knowledge, maybe some of you too. So I’ll give you a little ‘guide’ if you want to take a look at some Korean website filled with Hangeul.

Okay, maybe ‘Internet’ has no translation word int Korean, but I want everyone to know how Korean write them in Hangeul. So enjoy!


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Subject Marking Particle in Korean : 이/가

26 Jan , 2015  

korean grammar (saungkorea.com)

Subject Marking Particle

We already knew about subject in sentence. But do you know there is a particle which mark subject in Korean? It’s ‘‘ and ‘‘ (‘i’ and ‘ga’). ‘I’ is used when the subject will be marked ends with a consonant. And ‘ga’ is used when it ends with a vowel.


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훙어회 무침- Spicy Skate in Vinegar

22 Jan , 2015  


Spicy Skate in Vinegar

It’s Thursday and and almost Friday. We gonna survive this week well, buddy! So to freshen your remaining weekdays, I’m giving you this skate dish. It’s 훙어회 무침 (hungeo hoe muchim) More…

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Korean Liberation Day

21 Jan , 2015   Video

Aug 15th is the commemoration day for ‘liberation day’ and independence day of Korea. But More…

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School Grade in Korean

20 Jan , 2015   Video

So if you followed us on Instagram, you’ll know that long time ago, we posted some vocabulary pics on school grade in korean. Some of you might haven’t seen it, and I thought it’s good to make a video out of it, so here it is ^^

What grade are you?

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Seoul : The Most Expensive City?

19 Jan , 2015  

Seoul has some of the highest prices for goods such as Starbucks coffee, Chilean wine, carbonated water, beef and imported fruits, according to data released by Consumers Korea on Monday (12/01). The organization examined the prices of 42 agricultural, livestock and processed products in June and October across 13 major cities in the world. Out of 42 products, Seoul turned out to have the highest prices for 35 items, earning the title of one of the top five most expensive cities. (Tip : Kh)

Wow. I think we better save more money to travel to Korea.

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Snowmen of Snow Festival Taebaek 2015

18 Jan , 2015   Video

This awesome clip is from Taebaek Snow Festival. It’s series of winter-themed events held in More…

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Park Shin-hye Is a Dancer!

15 Jan , 2015  

Park Shin-hye is an actress. That’s what we all already knew. But do you know More…

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Learn Hangeul Part 4 : They Are Final Consonant!

12 Jan , 2015  

how to read hangul (en.saungkorea.com)

Learn Hangeul

We meet again in Hangeul class!
Today I’ll reveal things about consonant.

On the second lesson we’ve learned about Hangeul components. There are vowels, consonants, and some rules. In third lesson we’ve learned how to read Hangeul. We’ve practiced arranging components into syllable. You can it check once again 🙂 And now we will learn about another side of consonants.


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