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Hey guys! English version of Saung Korea’s Website is finally online!


So in case you don’t know yet, Saung Korea is created by the same editorial staff with @belajarkorea on Instagram.

belajarkorea is a place where you can learn and discuss about Korea. Language, culture, travel, news, and pop culture.

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Belajarkorea started off with Instagram page created on April 22nd, 2013. We made our Facebook fanpage and Twitter account created short time after. Now you can also find us on Youtube, and Tumblr.  We made the Indonesian version online on August 12th, 2014 and the English version less than two months later.


Yes we’re still young, but we’re really passionate sharing about Korea 🙂

We hope we can share a lot of things through our social network accounts and this Website. Come and visit! ^^


We are open in we are open, so give us suggestions, drop some comments, so we can make this website better ^^

So.. enjoy discussing about Korea here! 🙂

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