Universal Studios in Korea

30 Dec , 2015  

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Universal Studios Korea

South Korea will have the world’s fifth Universal Studios in South Korea, following the ones in the US, Japan, Singapore and China. The theme park will span 4.2 square kilometers around Sinwe-dong, Hwaseong. nce the park’s construction is completed by 2020 as planned, it would be the second-largest theme park in the world after Shanghai Disneyland.

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2015 KGSP Scholarship

7 Feb , 2015  

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KGSP Scholarship 2015

2015 KGSP Scholarship Application is open! KGSP is Korean Government Scholarship Program, that enable people around the world to study in Korea. Now I’m gonna More…

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SMTOWN Hologram Concert

6 Feb , 2015   Video

SMTOWN has some shows that use hologram. One of them is one that shown in the video, ‘School of Oz’. But one more show

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Seoul : The Most Expensive City?

19 Jan , 2015  

Seoul has some of the highest prices for goods such as Starbucks coffee, Chilean wine, carbonated water, beef and imported fruits, according to data released by Consumers Korea on Monday (12/01). The organization examined the prices of 42 agricultural, livestock and processed products in June and October across 13 major cities in the world. Out of 42 products, Seoul turned out to have the highest prices for 35 items, earning the title of one of the top five most expensive cities. (Tip : Kh)

Wow. I think we better save more money to travel to Korea.

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GKSP in Inha Technical College

23 Sep , 2014  

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Inha Technical College

Good news for you, who want to get a scholarship to Korea. Inha Technical College give you an opportunity for those who want to learn about Airline Aircraft Cabin Service Management and Service Management.


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