Korean Grammar : -겠습니다 (gesseumnida)

26 Oct , 2014   Video

Today we’ll learn Korean grammar. Yeaaay~

Come on, be excited! Usually grammar is the one that people think the most difficult part of a language. But every language needs grammar. Every language has grammar. So keep your spirit and learn it one by one. You can do it!

Ok. Get into the material. In English, we have ‘will’, which is used to express the events in the future or intention. In Korean, there is – 겠습니다 (gesseumnida).

So -겠습니다 is used to express something we intend to do in the future. This sentence is in the polite form (you use this form when you’re talking to the older person or someone who you respect), in formal situations.

Check out the lesson note below and do the little exercise ^^



Tempat belajar dan berkumpul para pecinta Korea. Di sini kamu bisa belajar bahasa, mengikuti berita terkini, dan menambah pengetahuan tentang Korea.

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