K-Fan Phrase : “I Enjoyed the Drama”

12 Oct , 2014   Video

Now I’m giving you the phrase that you, fans of K-star, express your feelings. And today’s phrase is ‘드라마 잘 봤어요‘ (deurama jal bwasseoyo). This phrase is used when you want to express that you enjoyed certain drama. Remember that the context and the person you talked to  already knew what the drama is ^^

Here one of the situation that you might face :

For example you are going to the a fanmeeting event and meet your idol there (let’s say he’s Kim Su-hyeon). And you know that his drama is airing or just finished aired on TV. And you have a chance to have a small talk with him. And this what would happen :

Kamu (K)
드라마 잘 봤어요
deurama jal bwasseoyo
Literal meaning: I see the drama well
Meaning: I enjoyed (or you're saying that you like) the drama
Su-hyeon (S)
thanks. * then he would be smiling at you * Aaaw ~ *

Both you and Su-hyeon already knew what drama being referenced, he would assumed that you’re talking about his latest drama.

Or another situation is gonna be like this :
You’re talking to your friend, acquaintance, or co-worker. Both of you’re talking about dramas. And your friend mention a title of a drama. For example ‘꽃 보다 남자’ (Boys Over Flowers). You could say “아 .. 그 드라마 잘 봤어요. 재미 있어요” (a..geu deurama jal bwasseoyo). It means’ Oh yes, I enjoyed (like) the drama. It was interesting.’

Got it? Hope this can help you.

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