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So this page is the index where you can find posts about Hangeul.

Want to learn Korean? Well you’re supposed to start with this page.


Anyway, congratulations on being here 😀

Straight to the point. If you want to learn how to read Hangeul, check the links below sequentially. We’ll keep update this list :)


1.  Learn Hangeul Part 1 : What Do I Do?

Intro and sharing about learning Hangeul. We also give you tips and advice to master Hangeul faster here. Also, Saung Korea’s Hangeul Rule #1 is in this post 🙂

2. Learn Hangeul Part 2 : Meet The Family

Learn about Hangeul components here! Hangeul Rule #2 is here too! Read it, you’re gonna need that.

3. Learn Hangeul Part 3 : Let’s Read It!
We’ll trying to read Hangeul here~ Also I put a worksheet there so you can practice writing Hangeul. (Psst. I put the cheat sheet too >_<)

4. Learn Hangeul Part 4 : They Are Final Consonant!
Sometimes people don’t talk about this specifically when they learn about Hangeul. But actually, it’s really important. So read it 😀

5. Learn Hangeul Part 5 : Hangeul Components Hangout
Try to read Hangeul, along with final consonant. We compose every Hangeul elements and form syllables here

6. Learn Hangeul Part 6 : You’re so Special
We’ll learn about ‘special’ rules in Hangeul here. Because there are times when Hangeul doesn’t pronounced exactly like how they written. 합 is not always pronounced as ‘hap’. Check it here!

7. Learn Hangeul Part 7 : You’re so Special (II)
Because special things could not contained in just a session. Have you ever met with final consonant ㅄ? There is something interesting about it.

8. Learn Hangeul Part 8 : You’re so Special (III)
악마 is not pronounced ‘akma’. Whaaat?! Find out in this lesson.

9. Learn Hangeul Part 9 : You’re so Special (IV)
Some said 맏이 pronounced ‘madi’. Some said it’s ‘mati’. Or ‘machi’? Find the facts here. Not the gossip.

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