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Etude House Moist Full Super Collagen Super Trial Kit Review

13 Nov , 2014  

So I was just chillin’ and browsing, thinking about new ideas for Saung Korea post until @beautytsc sent me an e-mail. And they said they would send me Etude House Moist Full Super Collagen Super Trial Kit. I tried some of Etude House products but never tried the Moist Full Series, so I’m very excited.

Super Collagen Trial Kit Review (

Etude House Moist Full Super Trial Kit

So..there are kinds of ‘Moistfull’ kits released by Etude House. There is a kit consists of Ampoule Essence, Cream, and CC cream, and there are kits have 4 items (which is usually skin care kit, not a trial kit). Well, the kit that I got contain these things:

Moist full Trial Kit Review (

Etude House Moistfull Trial Kit


Ok I’m gonna break it down. The first is 25 ml Super Collagen Ampoule Essence.

Etude’s claim about this product is : ‘This ampoule essence contains 90% Super Collagen TM of gel texture, providing firm and smooth skin with its collagen concentrate moistly absorbing into skin’. The instruction said that you have to pour the essence to your hands, apply it to your face and massage gently. And this essence should be used on first-step skin care. Just like applying it after you clean your face.

Etude House Collagen Super Trial Kit (

Moistfull Super Collagen Ampoule Essence

It’s the first essence ever for me (it sounds funny that I almost said this everytime when I review something but it’s true. I don’t use skin care or cosmetic product that much – at least until I finished writing this post). Back to the essence.

Ampoule Essence Etude House (

Manufactured Date in the Bottom

 My first impression of this product has soft fragrance, it’s clear with watery texture. I like the fact that it’s not sticky. I have been using this product for two consecutive weeks and I found that this products do make my skin softer. I don’t have any device to measure the ‘firmness level’ or ‘elasticity level’ but it feels that my skin become firmer a little bit after I applied the essence. I think if you use this on a long term, the difference would be more noticable. Final judgment, this product is good.


 The second  I’m Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam :

Etude House I'm Blooming Cleansing Foam Review (

I’m Blooming Cleansing Foam

I’ve tried the sachet version of the sample. This is one is the larger version, 30ml. Etude’s claim about this product is : this moisturizing cleansing foam gently removes impurities with its fine bubbles, providing full hydration to skin right after cleansing without any signs of dryness. The point is… this product cleanses and moisturizes your face. And it cleanses well.

If you just got home from work or school and wash your face right away, it would be very nice. The thing that I wish Etude add is fragrance. It’d be nice if they add a soft like..perfume. But it might be Etude’s decision to keep the image that they want in this product. The cleansing foam is made by 53% natural ingredients. It’s floral. Final thoughts, this product is okay.

The last one I got Sunprise Must Daily Sun Lotion :

Sunprise Etude House Review (

Sunprise Must Daily Sun Lotion


Etude called this product as sun lotion, or we can say sunblock. Etude has some varieties to Sunprise line. There’s waterproof one, natural corrector (the one that you can use as a make up base), and the one that I got was ‘Daily Must’ for daily usage. Etude describes this product as : This is gel type sun lotion that feels moist without any stickiness. It provides double protection for skin with its VitaDmax ingredient that helps moisturize your skin.

Etude House Sunprise Review (

Sunprise Applied

Minimum recommended level of SPF is usually 15, and this product has 50. Just like any other sunblock, just apply to your hands, arms, and other body part that you want to protect from the sunlight. What I appreciate about this product is Etude’s claim about this product is true. The texture isn’t sticky and it makes our skin feel softer. Most of the time I’ve been using sticky sunblock *sigh*. The smell is just right. It’s pretty good and Etude isn’t overdoing it. Final words, I’m pretty satisfied.

So I have been excited to use these products out. Thanks @beautytsc for sending us this beautiful package. Check out their products on Instagram. They have K-pop related products which I’m pretty sure you would like it if you a big K-pop fan 🙂

Peace out!


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